About Dr Peter Dixon


Peter  Dixon F.R.A.C.S. is a registered specialist Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon and innovator of medical technology. He retired from surgical practice but maintains currency of his registration and remains dedicated to promoting skin health and facial rejuvenation.  


In the early 80’s he trained in the revolutionary skin health systems and on advice ”Obagi Medical Products”  were introduced to Australia

For  30 years the   “Obagi skin clinic’ performed a detailed skin assessment and prescribed a suitable program based on the patient’s needs their basic skin type and the skin’s current condition.

The success  of the clinic’s programs in consistently achieving   improved,  Healthy, Youthful, Translucent, Complexions,  was  due to a commitment by the clinic and patient to what was  called the , 3 C’s 

  1. What is the Condition of the patient’s skin
  2. What are the patients Concerns?
  3. Maintain their Commitment

"Over time, I observed Patients choice of skin care may wonder due to fancy packaging or a need to do something new, but they came back to Obagi.”

Why:? Because they consistently produced superior results!


In conjunction with  Obagi Medical Products,
Peter has attended and contributed to medical specialist training, seminars and lectures promoting the skin health message. He continues to be actively involved in researching the latest trends in skin rejuvenation.


Obagi Training Certificate Australia