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All skin types produce sebum or oil, from the sebaceous glands in the dermis. When the sebaceous glands are over-active, the high production of sebum causes it to rise through the follicular pores and onto the surface of the skin


An oily shine

Oily shine usually appears around mid morning and gets worse throughout the day. In hot, humid weather, the sebum ‘floats’ on a layer of perspiration, making the oily shine more pronounced.


Topical Vitamin B3 (Hydro-drops) is a key step in regulating excessive oil flow

 Retinaldehde will also help normalise skin function and reduce sebum output.

Obagi C Rx  Vitamin C  system - for Youthful vitality

Suzanobagi  Wipesfor every day use when your skin Starts to shine 

 Acne Treatmentsfor severe oiliness

For on-going skin maintenance, we can provide a tailored treatment plan

Your Obagi Solutions :

  • Suzanobagi Acne wipes
  • Retinaldehyde Australia



    Nu-Derm Treatment Oily skin

    What about moisturisers;

    It’s a common belief that moisturisers are an essential step in any skincare routine.  In certain medical circumstances they are important. Most people with normal skin or  naturally oily skin should actually avoid moisturisers, as these products are overburden the  skin’s lipid (oil) layer, something you don’t need when your skin is already oily.

    For ‘combination skin’, moisturiser should only be applied to the areas, which are genuinely dry, avoiding the areas that are prone to oiliness.


    Benefits- Obagi Systems

      Many over the counter products formulated to help with oily skin don’t contain the right ingredients to penetrate deep enough to help address the problem. Obagi Medical Products have specifically formulated for normal to oily skin, helping to transform the appearance of the skin and oil production.


    Oily Skin Treatment for Your Skin Care Needs

    Most women shudder at the inconvenience and overall nightmare of oily skin. Not only does this skin condition take a toll on confidence, but it tends to be physically displeasing to look at and somewhat difficult to control. Like most skin-related problems, the trick to conquering the issue comes after you understand your skin, what contributes to your problems as well as investing in oily skin treatment. Allow us to assist you.

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