Melasma treatment Australia


Melasma  The  common skin condition that presents as a bilateral, blotchy, brownish facial pigmentation.

What Causes Melama

  • The condition, commonly occurs in younger women, with an onset typically between the ages of 20 and 40 years.
  • Family history — 60% report affected family members
  • Melasma is most common in people who tan easily or have naturally brown skin (Fitzpatrick skin phototypes III, IV).
  • It is less common in people with fair skin (Fitzpatrick types I, II) or black skin (Fitzpatrick types V, VI).
  • Additionally is influenced by both solar radiation and hormones.


To prevent this common concern; Appropriate skin care is essential to maintain skin health through the phases of a woman's journey.

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Treatment of Melasma!



  • Prevention Year Round UV Protection
  • Maintain Healthy skin with a Program to minimise risk ie. Obagi-C® Rx
  • Topical Therapies

Hydroquinone and Retinoid

The Obagi Nu-Derm® System Reduces activity of Melanocyte correcting the damage from within, reducing dark spots and revealing younger, healthier-looking skin.


Available as two fornulations Normal/Oil and Normal/Dry


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Early Intervention System



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