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All skin types produce sebum or oil, from the sebaceous glands in the dermis. When the sebaceous glands are over-active, the high production of sebum causes it to rise through the follicular pores and onto the surface of the skin.


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Dry Skin -Causes


Dry skin may result from of a wide range of factors , environmental exposures, water quality, soaps and detergents,  vitamin deficiencies and  some medication. Paradoxically, dry skin can appear to worsen during the winter months. 

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Dry Skin - Treatments

Obagi Hydrate® Facial Moisturising products provide long lasting hydration. Obagi Hydrate® provides 8 hours of moisture and protection against dryness by using an innovative combination of shea butter, Mango Butter and avocado. Obagi Hydrate Luxe®, engineered with key biometric peptides, is an ultra-rich hydrator providing extra-strength hydration for the skin. It works overnight to nourish the skin during its daily repair cycle.

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