Professional Skin Analysis by Dr Dixon


Peter Dixon MB.BS.F.R.A.C.S.

Plastic Surgeon
Obagi System's Consultant


 Dixon Skin committed to Less Blemished Less Aged complexions:  


Everyone's skin is unique and so is their story! 

 No matter if it is Acne, Melasma, Scarring, Pigmentation, or a Premature aged appearance it can have a profound affect on your life. 


Like so many before, you have tried numerous products at some expense and still the problems continue!

 You are seeking solutions a personalised program that will resolve your individual concerns!

Once you complete your Skin Assessment, it will be analysed by Dr Peter Dixon Plastic Surgeon. The provided data will be assessed and from that Peter provides a personal recommendation defined by your genetics skin thickness, oiliness, sensitivity, and concerns.

Peter in the 90's   trained with Dr Zein  Obagi in his proprietary skin health, restoration and conditioning programs. 

For 30 years at the “Obagi skin clinic’, Peter  created significant improvements in all patient skin types based on    individualised needs.

 Since ceasing surgery Peter continues his commitment to clients via

"Client Focussed"

With your commitment he shares the desire to create skin rejuvenation! 


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Professional Skin Analysis

Leads To a Great Skin Care Routine

DixonSkin  looks forward to helping you to obtain the skin you have always wanted with our professional skin analysis. Once we have completed your analysis, you will receive a personalised skincare regimen, designed to give your skin a youthful glow.

Your privacy is protected by Law.

  1. collects  information in relation to your skin condition. This information is required to provide a professional personalised analysis and recommendation for suitable skin care product/s.
  2. We’ll always treat your personal details with care and will never share them. 
  3. To find out more how we process your personal information and your rights please see our privacy policy